Make Heaven Crowded

I have found that when I am at church it’s really easy to talk about my experiences with Jesus and share the good news of Christ to others. At the same time I found it challenging that outside of the church it can be hard to share the gospel and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. When I made my faith my own and started to get more involved with church it was so refreshing to find friends who I could connect with on a spiritual level while having fun. However, there were many moments that I would leave church and step into another sphere of my life whether school, the mall or my social media pages and the spark of me wanting to share the gospel was diminished by fear.

It can be a lot harder than what you may expect to share what you know about God to people who don’t know the Lord and invite them to church. Even inviting some of my closest friends can be intimidating. The enemy likes to plant thoughts into our minds such as... “They aren’t going to say yes anyways, there’s no point in asking” or, “What if I seem annoying?”. The enemy can put these thoughts in your mind as a way to discourage you from sharing the goodness of God.

Don’t think you’re alone in this, there were moments that I personally felt discouraged as well. The fear of rejection from my peers made me too nervous to talk about Jesus. Then I remembered how I found my home church. A friend of mine from school in the 3rd grade invited me to her church. I had never really been to church, and didn’t know too much about God. Regardless, I went, and I’ve been attending every week since. My relationship with God has grown more than I could have ever imagined, and I have experienced life in a whole new way because of the love that God has shown me. My life has been touched by Jesus so that I can spread the good news as well.

But imagine if my friend had gotten too nervous to invite me to church? I would still feel empty, still feel a longing for something and would be looking for the solution in all the wrong places. I would never get to experience the Holy Spirit moving within me, and I would never get the opportunity to use my gifts to glorify God. I wouldn’t even be here writing this if fear had held her back. Imagine how many people you could give the opportunity to feel the love of Jesus if you just went for it.

Mark 16:15 says, “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

God tells us to go into ALL the world and share the gospel. You’ve got to start somewhere, whether it be your schools, your work, or with a neighbor... share the glory of God whenever you get the chance, and don’t let the whispers of fear that the enemy tries to put in your ear hold you back from giving the gift of God to someone else.

Valley Youth Student,

Ella Vandenburg

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