In The Waiting

Winter. The season many of us dread. Snow makes a visit and usually stays longer than we anticipated. On top of that it’s so cold that it feels like your feet might fall off. It feels as if the fresh spring and summer greenery is dead, never to return. Everything outside feels as if it lacks life. This three month, or more if you live in Michigan, season for many can be excruciating. Winter can feel similar to times that we go through in life where everything feels paused and asleep. Where our plans feel like they’ve been completely removed and where things didn’t turn out the way we thought. When this season in our life unexpectedly arrives, unannounced of course, we feel stuck, like we have nothing to do... except wait. But these seasons of life where you find yourself waiting can be some of the most beneficial to your relationship with God.

Often in the waiting, everything slows down and if we truly utilize that new pace of life then we can learn to thrive in the waiting and find God’s heart for what He’s doing in, through and for us. In Psalms 27:14 it says “Here’s what I have learned through it all: Don’t give up; Don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting-- for he will never disappoint you!” While it may be easy to lose hope and be discouraged, I want to encourage you not to be! Like the verse said, “be entwined as one with the Lord.”

In the waiting, it is a time to truly draw close to God and make Him your friend as well as your Lord. It is the time to say God prepare me, teach me more about You in Your word. In the waiting, it is not a time to just sit back and wait for God to change things, it is a time to pray, worship, and prepare with the Father to see His promise come to pass in His time. In the waiting, we have to learn to trust God in the ‘even though’. What I mean by that is you have to say to yourself, sometimes out loud,“Even though I can’t see it yet You’re still working!” It’s that kind of faith where you’re willing to hand over your timeline to the Lord and say that His plan is so much better.

The good news is that you, yes you, can have that kind of faith. The best way is to read the word! In the word, there are countless stories, time and time again of the Lord being faithful to His promise. God has promised some pretty supernatural things that seem impossible for us as humans throughout the Bible and not once, if it was promised, did it not come to pass. Certainly, if He did it then He can do it again as it says in Hebrews 13:8, “ Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” That means reading those scriptures and stories of promise isn’t just reading of the old things God used to do. It is surrounding yourself in the promise and preparing to receive yours by knowing what was promised in the first place.

We have to remember that the waiting doesn’t last forever. Remember winter lasts just long enough to have us almost forget that summer even exists, everything feels as if it is asleep and will never wake up, but then the clouds always break and the sun rises on a new horizon and a brand new perspective of what we truly can see. So allow God to really work in your heart during this time, and allow Him to pull you closer than you’ve ever known, and learn to rest in Him in the waiting.

Valley Youth Student,

Creg Johnson / 10th Grade

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